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A Poiema Design Consultation is a great first step in visually articulating your goals for your home or space. As a reputable home design team with a broad range of services, we bring tools to the table to develop your design plan.  Whether you are looking for help with finishes, kicking off a revamp of your entire home or new build or need a little nudge in the direction of what accessories to choose, we help you clarify your vision, develop a plan and determine next steps.


Our consultation's specific two way dialogue with you, allows us to listen to your vision, see your space, hear your goals and help you visually refine and articulate your vision. In fact our experience shows this hour consultation could potentially save you time, money and hours of indecision.

Take a look at our vision board. Your space could be the next addition to our board.

Let's get you started today!


Here at Poiema Design, it is our goal to help improve the interior design of your living space. That is why we always make sure to provide superior home decorating services suited to your requirements. We are an expert in personalized modern design styles. Our large stock of custom and one-of-a-kind pieces is perfect for reinventing your home!