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Finalizing Construction Plans

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Poiema Design is a team of organized designers that conceptualize beautiful homes, manage the contracting process or work with contractors to bring their vision to reality.  We have the project management skills ready to communicate those ideas with tradespeople visually and over email, calls, FaceTime or in person. Plus – we’re nice!!


From warehousing items, ordering specialty pieces, directing movers, contractors and subcontractors all the way to even stuffing the pillows, our experienced design team makes sure all the pieces of your commercial and residential properties are pulled together. We want you to walk into your freshly designed space and feel instantly satisfied!



From incorporating your project requests and preferences with our style and experience, we communicate and involve you in the decision making process from start to finish of our design service. The designers present a comprehensive overview with your own design binder which includes mood and design boards, detailed graphics and illustrations, and a budget to help you visualize the design and concept of your project.


In just a brief amount of time, we have established ourselves as a leading design firms for our signature bright, clean, and collected aesthetic. We mix our favorite materials, styles, and eras for a decidedly approachable and sophisticated result. A blend of our signature style with a strong understanding of our clients’ design aesthetic and unique requests is reflected in each home we design.

Have a project you’d like us to work on? Please fill out our inquiry form to get started.

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